Research Interests:

Power electronics, electric drives, wireless power transfer, inductive power transfer, capacitive power transfer, battery manage systems, battery diagnostics, battery prognostics, electric and hybrid vehicles; plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, electric machines, digital and analog electronics; electromagnetics; renewable energy systems.

Research Openings:

Still accept post-doctoral fellows, doctoral students, exchange and joint doctoral students, in the research areas of power electronics, wireless power transfer, battery management, electric and hybrid vehicles, electric machines, and variable speed drives. Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their resumes via email to Prof. Mi to

Current Research Projects:

A Novel Class of High-energy/power-density, Long-cycle-life, Roll-to-roll-processed Solid-state Lithium-Air Batteries (SSLAB) for Aircraft Applications(ZEV)

Preparing for a Large Grant Proposal on Cascaded H-Bridge and Split-Transformer based Extreme Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles

ASCENT: Boosting Cyber and Physical Resilience of Power Electronics-Dominated Distribution Grids in Energy Space

Caili & Daniel Chang Center for Electric Drive Transportation

Development of eMotor Drives for a Novel e-Bike

Advanced Management, Control, and Diagnosis of Solid-State Batteries in Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage

High safety, wide-operation-temperature, low cost all-solid-state Li-ion battery (ASSLiB) and ASSLiB-based energy storage systems, California Energy Commission

NSF ERC Planning Grant: Center for Next-Gen Wireless, NSF

NASA ULI – Vertical Take-off and Vertical Landing Airplanes, NASA-UCSD

Cost-Effective Integration of Second-life EV Batteries with Solar PV Systems for Commercial Buildings, California Energy Commission

Offline battery parameter estimation for electric vehicle battery management, Ford Motor Company

Foreign Object Detection in Wireless Charging, Hyundai Motor Corporation

Kalman Filtering-based battery management system and state of charging estimations, Snova Tech

Comprehensive Energy Storage Solutions in Electrified Transportation

Correlation-based Continuous Time Domain Battery Modeling, Diagnostics, and Prognostics, Gotion Inc.

Wireless Power Transfer in High Voltage Transmission Control, GERINA

Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles with Dual Power Capability for Fast and Slow Charging, Department of Energy

High Power Wireless Power Transfer for Autonomous Driving Vehicle Applications, Department of Energy

Uncertainty Management and Proactive Maintenance of Lithium Ion Batteries in Electrified Vehicles, National Science Foundation

Integrated Power and Thermal Management for Connected and Automated Vehicles (iPTM-CAV) through Real-time Adaptation and Optimization, Department of Energy

GATE Center for Electric Drive Transportation(PI), Department of Energy

Electric Vehicle Research and Development, Golden Dragon Bus Manufacturing

Advance  Transportation through Vehicle Electrification, Department of Energy – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

Safety Study of Lithium-ion Battery Packs, Ford Motor Company

Wireless Magnetic-Resonance Power Transmission System for EV Charging, US-China Clean Energy Center – CVC

Unified Wireless Charging, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

Past Projects (Projects conducted at the University of Michigan-Dearborn