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Courses taught at the University of Michigan-Dearborn:

ECE210    Electric Circuits   Syllabus

ECE311    Electronic Circuits  Syllabus  

ECE414    Electronics Design  Syllabus 

ECE415    Power Electronics  Syllabus   

AE  510    Vehicle Electronics I  Syllabus 

ECE515    Vehicle Electronics II Syllabus

ECE517    Advanced Industrial Electronics and Motor Controls  Syllabus  

ECE546    Electrical Vehicles  Syllabus  

ECE5462   Hybrid Electric Vehicles  Syllabus

ECE646    Advanced Electric Drive Transportation Syllabus

ECE615    Advanced Power Electronics  Syllabus

ECE5791  Intelligent Vehicle Power Management Syllabus

ECE436    Electric Machines and Hybrid Drives (DOE Sponsored) Syllabus

ECE4431  Vehicular Power Systems and Loads (DOE Sponsored) Syllabus

Professional development courses:

C1045      Power Electronics for Electrified Vehicles

C0511      Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (Register through sae.org) Syllabus 

ECExxx     Battery Management Systems

ECExxx     Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Other courses of interest:

ECE425 Introduction to Electric Drive Systems

ECE443 Intro to Electric Power Engineering

ECE446 Electromechanical Energy Conversion

ECE5XX  Power Systems I

ECE5XX  Advanced Power System Analysis

CEE2024 Planetary Gear Based Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain and e-CVT

CEE2026 Advanced HEV Power Electronics

CEE2025 Electrical Engineering Fundamentals

Still accept post-doctoral fellow, doctoral students, exchange students, in the research areas of power electronics, alternative energy, electric and hybrid vehicles, battery management, PM machines and variable speed drives. Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their resume via email to Prof. Mi.

Home    Publications   Research Projects    Honors and Awards

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